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Project: Converting Natural Gas to Liquid Fuels

Global-Neutral, LLC is assisting a group of talented chemists to complete development and testing of a catalytic-based system to convert natural gas to liquid naphtha and hydrogen for use in automotive, waste industries (i.e., landfills) and stranded gas fields.  The new designScientists overcomes shortfalls of the existing standard process to convert gas to liquid (Fischer-Tropsch).  All three chemists have independently sought projects related to green technologies, with two of the three chemists explicitly having focused their respective PhD work on so-called “greentech”. 

The liquid naphtha can be used directly in diesel engines (and other industries).  The benefits of the liquid naphtha from this system include:

  • Can use in most diesel engines with minimal, if any, modification.  (Mixing with a small amount of diesel fuel, say 15% might be required for initial applications.)

  • Naphtha produced by Havelide™ is also less toxic than commercially available naphtha, for it contains no hexane.

  • Contains zero ppm sulfur (Some if mixed with diesel but much lower than pure diesel.)

  • Achieves desired cetane rating with additive commonly used in diesel fuel

  • Achieves lower CO2 and particulate emissions without filters/other systems

  • Can use existing the infrastructure for delivering, storing and dispensing diesel fuel

The unit to convert natural gas to liquid is housed in a 40’ cargo container and can be transported on a common carrier.  The design is scalable to much larger sizes.  The system operates using “pipeline quality” natural gas.  Any cleaning of the natural gas can be achieved using commercial systems that are readily available.


The program outlined is a combined effort of Global-Neutral, LLC and Havelide Systems, Inc.  Global-Neutral is working with Havelide to help refine and launch the new process, particularly for applications in automotive industry and management of landfills, other waste sources.  Havelide has obtained several patents for the technology.  The process has been subject to limited peer review with a more extensive review planned after additional development.


The balance of the website is constructed to describe the stage of development, technical overview of the system, next steps in development and a range of applications with particular emphasis on benefits to reducing emissions from diesel engines.  


Next steps:

  • Complete in-depth analysis of what is required to have liquid naphtha achieve widespread use as lower-emission fuel for diesel engines

  • Complete tests confirming emissions levels achieved by liquid naphtha

  • Secure funding to complete development and testing

Much more information is available.  We welcome your questions and comments. 

Please feel free to contact us at Global-Neutral.  Thank you for your time and interest. 


GTL Applications

Chemically converting natural gas to liquid -- not liquifying, which cools the gas but returns to gas when warmed -- has many potnetial benfits and applications.

Key applications include:

Project Applications