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What Global-Neutral Does

The executive staff and advisors of G-N have a wide range of experience and knowledge in different size companies and different industries. The common thread is the ability to solve problems in a practical way.

G-N focuses on a limited number of projects. Each project represents an opportunity to reduce the impact on global warming while also creating economic opportunities. Current projects G-N principals are involved with, either as part of G-N or through other associations include: converting natural gas to liquid naphtha and hydrogen; designing more affordable and greener housing; introducing hybrid-electric drive systems for heavy-duty trucks and buses; developing more fuel-efficient (and lower cost) military aircraft; developing and introducing a system to purify water and generate electricity for developing countries and disaster relief.

This website is devoted primarily to the process to convert natural gas to liquid. As described in the website, the new process offers many benefits compared to the existing method.  Our role is to help guide the transition from concept to widespead use.

Next steps in the transition:

  • Complete in-depth analysis of what is required to have liquid naphtha achieve widespread use as lower-emission fuel for diesel engines, especially automotive applications

  • Complete tests confirming emissions levels achieved by liquid naphtha

  • Secure funding to complete development and testing

Much more information is available.  We welcome your questions and comments.  Please feel free to contact us at Global-Neutral.  Thank you for your time and interest. 

Project Applications

Our principals have extensive experience in developing and introducing new products.  We also have access to experts in manys fields.

While we are seasoned professionals, we still think innovativly.  We want you nd your product idea to be successful.