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Superior Product

The Havelide process produces naphtha (and hydrogen) that is superior to naphtha produced using the industry standard Fischer-Tropsch process.

  • Havelide naphtha is exceptionally stable, has a high octane number (~114) and offers a cost-competitive feedstock for the petrochemical and liquid fuelsCheck Markindustries     
  • Havelide method accepts methane, ethane, propane and butane, which are almost always found in natural gas - no gaseous fractionation necessary      

  • Havelide bypasses the Syngas/FT requirements completely in production of naphtha      

  • Havelide GTL chemistries achieve excellent efficiencies at producing naphtha from NG    

  • Havelide is less toxic than commercially available naphtha.  Havelide contains no hexane 

Diagram Havelide and FT

More about the Havelide technology

 So What?

Isn't naphtha just naphtha, so what's the big deal? Isn't hydrogen just hydrogen, so what's the big deal?

Well, not really.  Some naphtha is superior to other naphtha. Our goal is to provide naphtha of such quality that it can be used as a replacement for diesel fuel in heavy-duty trucks and buses.

We also want naphtha of such quality that it can be used without further refinement for some industrial applications or as feedstock for certain plastics.

We also believe that once companies have an opportunity to use the higher-quality naphtha, there will be new products introduced using the higher-quality naphtha.